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Place: Holborn WC2B 6 Age: 30 Nationality: Lithuania Weight: 61 kg

Languages: English, Lithuania Incall: Private apartment, Serviced apartment Outcall: Hotel visits, Private apartment


Place: Holborn WC2B 6 Age: 26 Nationality: Spain Weight: 55 kg

Languages: English, Lithuania Incall: Private apartment, Serviced apartment Outcall: Hotel visits, Private apartment


Place: Holborn WC2B 6 Age: 30 Nationality: Slovenia Weight: 55 kg

Languages: English, Lithuania Incall: Private apartment, Serviced apartment Outcall: Hotel visits, Private apartment


Place: Holborn WC2B 6 Age: 22 Nationality: Slovakia Weigh: 50 kg

Languages: English, Lithuania Incall: Private apartment, Serviced apartment Outcall: Hotel visits, Private apartment


Place: Holborn WC2B 6 Age: 30 Nationality: Ireland Weight: 59 kg

Languages: English, Lithuania Incall: Private apartment, Serviced apartment Outcall: Hotel visits, Private apartment

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It is not known exactly how many guys utilize paid sex. According to confidential surveys, more than three-quarters of all men go to a whorehouse at least as soon as in their lives. Practically half are regular escort clients or pay for sex. As in other areas, behaviour in a whorehouse goes through certain rules. The rules in the whorehouse apply to both punters and ladies. This etiquette guide for johns will help make and prevent problems pay sex a satisfying experience for everyone included.

Sex is an integral part of life, whether you pay for it or not. The rules in a whorehouse are basically not that different from those in a relationship. The basics of correct brothel behaviour are health, regard and courtesy. Suitors need to deal with women the method they want to be treated. There is a saying in the scene that sums it up: “If you wish to fuck, you need to get along”. Johns need to remember that the women, whether they are hookers in a whorehouse, escorts or hobby whores, are providing a service. Pay more freely for the service and time. You do not get ownership rights to the women. This is one of the most crucial points in rules for suitors.

Escort customers and johns in the whorehouse conclude a service contract. This is valid according to agreement law, even if it is only concluded orally.

Observance of the prophylactic obligation
It is among the most essential rules of conduct in a brothel and in paid sex in general. It was enacted to secure the health of women and their suitors.
secure and is non-negotiable. The condom requirement applies to all types of sex: vaginal, oral and anal.
honour contracts
Even if arrangements have just been made verbally, they are still lawfully binding and must be abided by. Apart from the types of love services, this primarily concerns the price. Suitors are obliged to pay the agreed rate even if they are not satisfied with the service. In the milieu, it is popular to pay in advance. If a john doesn’t return or pay part of the money …
the lady can take legal action against him and sue for her cost. If his best piece doesn’t get difficult or can’t cum, that does not give the john any right to ask for his cash back.

The preparation for sex

The ideal behaviour in a brothel consists of the preparation for the erotic experience. For the behaviour in the brothel (also applies to escort clients) apply 2 things: come clean and sober cleaning. Alcohol dulls the senses. You deprive yourself of enjoyment if you visit a whorehouse intoxicated. It also increases the threat of being swindled or stolen from. Too much alcohol hinders erectile function.

Part of the behaviour in a whorehouse is that the girls do not have to accept every suitor. Anyone who is too intoxicated may be turned away. That’s what every whorehouse has security for. In the front of the rules for suitors is likewise the individual tidiness. Health is the basis for good behaviour in the brothel. Health includes bathing or bathing prior to going to the whorehouse, clean hair and clean-cut fingernails, and clean clothing.

The rules in the whorehouse in terms of health can be actually fun, if the suitor with “his” girl begins the date with a joint shower. You can do a lot of great things together!

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To the appropriate behaviour in the brothel belongs also if the suitor with the lady discusses its desires before. Not every slut does everything. For instance, one of the basic rules in a brothel is: no sex without a prophylactic. Even if escort customers desire French kissing, some ladies do not agree. Others use this service however charge additional. Part of etiquette for suitors is respecting those dreams. You can’t utilize the service if you do not desire to pay. This also applies to unique requests like anal sexual intercourse, bondage and others. Correct behaviour in a whorehouse includes accepting such practices ahead of time or not doing them.

For some johns, striking, pinching, or pulling their partner’s hair is part of sex. Here, the exact same applies to behaviour in a whorehouse as in a relationship: what is allowed is what is mutually concurred upon. If you are into striking your partner, inflicting pain or embarrassing her, you should discuss this with the woman in advance.

Even sluts and escorts have a right to a private life. Lots of women in the market work under a pseudonym and have a different telephone number and e-mail address for calling clients. Among the customs of conduct in a brothel is therefore that punters or escort clients do not bother the ladies with questions, including, for example, their private phone number or e-mail address, their real name or even their address.

The rules for suitors dictates to appreciate the woman’s wishes and not to interfere in her personal life. Alternatively, it would be extremely awkward for many suitors if his girl love would start to call him or even call the doorbell.

Brothels Holborn – Hookers Holborn


Appropriate whorehouse behaviour includes not letting conflicts escalate. It is rather rare, it can happen that even the women trigger trouble with their behaviour in the brothel. Such behaviour in a brothel need not be endured by johns.

Among the most important guidelines of conduct in a brothel is that johns should respect a no from the girl of their choice. In this regard, the behaviour in a brothel is no different from that in a normal relationship. The reality that the john spent for the whore’s service does not make him her owner. The fee is for the service just, not for her body. By misbehaving in a brothel, a john might well dedicate a criminal offense. If he requires the lady to have sex against her will (and even to have sex without a condom or practices she declines) this is rape or attack, which can be prosecuted. The same holds true for escort clients or males who order a hooker or pastime whore to their house or hotel. It is best to avoid such situations in the first place by talking about desires and fantasies before sex.

Guys don’t act in a whorehouse like they do in a dedicated relationship. One of the golden rules of brothel behaviour is that girls do not talk about it or even laugh at their customers.

Skilled whores can still assist their johns to orgasm, either through hand release (masturbating) or oral sex (with a condom). However, the rules for punters likewise specifies that in such a case the client has no right to demand his money back. It’s not the girl’s fault that his “great buddy” is deserting him.

How to make sex actually lovely?

One of the most essential guidelines of whorehouse behaviour for johns is to deal with the whores like normal females and to act like a date when visiting a brothel. That means, suitors and escort clients can make small presents to the women. Every woman is delighted about that, even the professional ladies.

The very same is true of compliments. What lady does not like to hear how stunning she looks and how hot she is? Whores are no exception. With a few great words they get an excellent state of mind and let the suitor feel it. If the encounter went extremely well, the etiquette for suitors also permits you to thank them with a pointer. This also benefits the suitor. The next time he returns, he can be sure that “his” woman will invite him joyfully. Then both have more fun during sex.

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Brothels Holborn WC2B 6

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4523 Holborn, EN WC2B 6

Camden, Greater London, England (EN)

Brothels Holborn WC2B 6
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